Time to convert your summer recipes into accessible formats

29 October 2020

Foodies who are blind or have low vision are being encouraged to get their best summer recipes translated into accessible formats as the weather warms up.

Vision Australia, a national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia, is continuing its free service to convert any print text into accessible formats such as braille, audio, large print, tactual graphics or electronic text.

Each person is entitled to convert the equivalent of 360 print pages into their preferred accessible format every financial year.

The service can be used by those who are blind, have low vision or are unable to read print due to a physical or learning disability.

Jane Wegener, NSW Production Manager, says the service is tailored to be as flexible as possible to the needs of clients.

“Some of the most popular requests are to convert recipes, which I can understand,” she says.

“A lot of us find joy in food and preparing special family recipes.”

The free service is utilised widely, and all ages can benefit.

“Parents have used the service to convert their child’s favourite books by adding braille to the pages with a clear sticky label, or converting it to audio and musicians have converted their favourite songs and choir pieces, and even more practically, some people have converted their microwave instructions.

“Recently we even converted someone’s family history.”

Some examples of accessible format requests:

  • Transcribe personal records and documents
  • Convert appliance instructions and manuals
  • Make recipe books accessible
  • Navigate a workplace or local shopping centre with tactile maps
  • Read favourite books in preferred format

Get the most out of this FREE service which is funded through the Federal Government’s Print Disability Grant.

Read more about the service here: https://www.visionaustralia.org/services/print-accessibility

For more information or to convert a piece of text, contact printaccess@visionaustralia.org or phone 1300 84 74 66 (Phone hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 8pm AEDT).